New Product Design and Services




New Product Design and Services

One of the main things that I do for clients is to design, develop, and prototype new products, especially products that use RF, microwave, or other wireless technologies. Sometimes I do all of the work if the client is not well versed or equipped with adequate software and test equipment. Other times, I just help them resolve a specific problem that they are having with their design. Sometimes I work with companies that have lots of experience in the area of RF and microwave design, but they need help during a particularly busy time. Or, perhaps they need an antenna design for their new product. Sometimes they need help getting through FCC certification. Sometimes they need all of the available literature searched to find the best solution for their new product. 

So, whether your new product is going to use Bluetooth, Low-energy Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi, Ultra-wideband, radar, high power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, SDR, or custom radio design, contact me.

Some of the many services that Aerospace Consulting offers to clients include: