Technical & Proposal Writing Services

3D Antenna Simulation from Momentum GXF
3D Antenna Pattern Simulation
6 GHz Phase noise of ADF4355
6 GHz Phase noise of ADF4355

Technical Writing Services

You know how it is. Your company needs an article written for a journal, or for a trade or other publication, but you and your engineers don't have the time. Or, you or your people don't enjoy writing or are not good at it. After all, many engineers don't enjoy writing and are not very good at it. In fact, there is an expression "4 years ago I couldn't spell n-gee-neer, and now I are one". It is not an uncommon situation. But, by contacting me, and letting me do the writing for you or your people, you can get that needed to-do item off your desk and out of your mind because I do enjoy writing, have been doing it for a long time, and have many samples of my work to show you, both published and on the Internet. And, unlike many writers, I have almost 4 decades of engineering and high technology experience, not to mention many years of formal education at one of the finest universities in the world.

So, give me a call and I will take care of your technical or technology writing tasks.

Proposal Research, Writing, and Assistance

Whether you are a company working on military contracts or one that does work for other companies, you often need to write technical proposals. As a technologist with an advanced degree in electrical engineering and over 4 decades of experience in RF, microwave, and high speed analog circuit and system design, I can help you get that proposal finished. Whether you need someone to do research, run circuit or system simulations to back up your proposal, or you simply need someone to perform, or oversee, the actual writing of the proposal, I can perform those tasks for you. This releases you and your employees to perform other important work.

I also have the software and test equipment to support your proposal effort, allowing me to run simulations of the required circuits and/or systems, as well as to make measurements on brass-boards of key circuits and subsystems.