Antenna Design and Simulation

microstrip patch antennas
Various Microstrip Patch Antennas
3D Antenna Simulation from Momentum GXF
3D Antenna Pattern Simulation

Like it or not, one of the most important elements of your RF, microwave, Internet of Things, or other communications system is your antenna. And, just as important, your packaging. You can take the best antenna design and put it in a box made of lossy material, or put your antenna too close to metal or other conducting or dielectric objects, and destroy its performance. And, there are an almost infinite variety of antenna designs, including patch, dipole, slot, Vivaldi, horn, fractal, quarter-wave, printed "F", meander, dielectric, meta-material, etc. Which is best for your particular product? What are the design and performance trade-offs? If you don't know the answers to those questions, call Aerospace Consulting. I will work with you to design, simulate, and test the best antenna for your particular situation. And, if you have what you think is a good antenna, but it is not working properly, perhaps it is related to the packaging. I can run simulations or tests to answer those questions. In many cases, I can also measure the RF and microwave performance characteristics of the material that you are using to determine if it is causing problems, or to design antennas with the performance characteristics of that material factored into the design.

I also have a small antenna range with a calibrated horn antenna. Using that, I can characterize antennas and packaged antennas from 1-18 GHz. Of course, I can simulate antennas of any type over any frequency range.

Don't leave one of the most important elements of your communications system or Internet of Things product to chance. Call Aerospace Consulting.