For over 30 years, Aerospace Consulting has been serving the RF, microwave, high speed analog, antenna design, and embedded system world. From troubleshooting client designs that are not working correctly, to designing complex communications systems and components for those systems. To work in the frequency range of DC to 26.5 GHz effectively and in a timely and cost efficient manner requires a large suite of software and a full laboratory of test equipment. Trying to perform this work without the proper software and test equipment, even by experienced personnel, always proves to be a bad experience for everyone involved. Just like you would not expect an accountant to fix your plumbing, you can't expect an employee who may be an expert at digital design, to develop an RF, microwave, or wireless product. And, the usual tools used in the digital domain, like an oscilloscope and a logic analyzer, are not sufficient to design, analyze, and troubleshoot wireless products. Sure, the manufacturers imply that all you need to do to get your Bluetooth application up and running is to look at their reference design and copy it, but that is usually not a practical solution. And, even changes that may seem minor can result in major performance problems.


Some of the many services that Aerospace Consulting offers to clients include: