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Almost everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), or what Cisco calls the Internet of Everything and others sometimes call the Internet of Objects. In fact, Cisco has called the Internet of Things a $19 trillion opportunity and says that 99% of things that will be connected are yet to be connected. While everyone admits that the Internet was big, the Internet of Things is much larger than the Internet. A few years ago, Cisco predicted that by 2020, 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet.  According to Juniper Research, the number of things connected to the Internet will more than triple between 2015 and 2020, reaching a total of more than 38.5 billion devices by 2020..

Are your products connected? You know they should be. But, RF and microwave technologies can be difficult, especially if you don't have the right software, test equipment, and experience. That is why you need to contact me. I have decades of experience in RF, microwave, wireless and antenna design, development, simulation, and prototyping, and I have all of the necessary software and test equipment.  I can get your product connected to the Internet of Things quickly and at an affordable price. Or, if you have a product that is not working properly, I can fix that.

And, remember that one of the most important aspects of a successful Internet of Things product is the antenna. People often forget about this aspect when they are designing and packaging their system. This can lead to costly problems and delays. You can have the best RF or microwave circuit design in the world, but if it is connected to a poor antenna, or if the antenna and package are not designed in a way that allows for proper radio propagation, the system will not perform as anticipated. There are many, many potential antenna solutions for any product. Let me work with your company in the design and development of the antenna and packaging so as to avoid costly performance problems and production delays.

There are many ways to connect your devices to the Internet of Things. I can help you with any and all of them. Here are a couple of the most common ways you can connect your devices.

  • Cellular including GPRS -- you can communicate with your device any time it is located in an area with cellular coverage
  • Zigbee -- especially good for longer range and extreme battery life
  • Bluetooth -- probably what you are most familiar with
  • Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE - I can design, or help you design, products with a battery life of years, not hours, using this technology
  • WiFi -- just like you probably have in your home and office and at the local Starbucks
  • Satellite -- this gives you coverage virtually anywhere in the world
  • Smart tags and near field devices -- ubiquitous and an increasingly important way to keep track of inventory and connect things to the internet

So, if you are ready to connect your devices to the Internet of Things, or you are having problems connecting your devices, call me. I'll work with you to get you up and running as quickly as possible and at an affordable price. Often a few days, or even hours, of consulting can save you weeks of frustration and tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention your losses due to not getting your product to market in a timely fashion.