Circuit Board Layout




Circuit Board Layout

I have been performing circuit board layouts for well over 30 years. For the last 10 years or so I have been using Altium Designer for circuit board layout. It is an excellent platform with almost unlimited capabilities for board layout, ranging from simple double-sided RF boards, such as power amplifiers, to complex multi-layer boards for more complex RF systems and/or digital boards. And, Altium has very handy and powerful utilities for importing designs into Altium from platforms like Orcad, Mentor Graphics, and many others. If you are going to have a new product designed that uses RF or microwave frequencies, or high speed digital circuits, it is absolutely essential that the person doing the layout has extensive RF and microwave experience. Otherwise, you are likely to have serious performance or noise issues, or to fail FCC certification, which is essential for virtually all new product designs. 

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