Aerospace Consulting was started over 30 years ago. In the beginning, my clients were primarily aerospace and avionics companies. My work revolved around the design, and redesign, of aircraft radios and navigation equipment, as well as various circuits and systems for the military. Systems included ASW equipment (anti-submarine warfare) and high powered jamming systems. I also performed load-pull measurements for high power pulse amplifier design in the 1000 MHz range.

Later, the business became a full-time endeavor and I went back to Lehigh to get my MSEE in electrical engineering and work on my Ph.D. I was not able to complete the Ph.D. research and dissertation within the allowable time limits because of business commitments, but I was a Ph.D. candidate for a while and have an extensive background in Ph.D. level research and development. My main area of concentration was solid state physics. My dissertation was to be on the nonlinear noise effects of trapping and other phenomenon in solid state devices.

Over the decades, I have accumulated just about every software program and piece of test equipment that is vital to design, develop, prototype, and troubleshoot RF, microwave, wireless and high speed analog circuits covering DC to over 26.5 GHz. I also have decades of experience in the design and simulation of various types of antennas from a few hundred MHz to over 20 GHz. I currently use Keysight EMPro for antenna design and my main computer has a GPU to speed up those computations by at least 20 to 30 times. While my primary and supported software programs are Genesys, SystemVue, Altium Designer, EMPro, and Matlab, I also have SolidWorks, and IntuSpice, and I have extensive experience . with many other products including ADS, CST Microwave Studio, Xilinx FPGA development software. I am currently getting more and more involved in the design and development of various SDR (Software Defined Radio) systems using Matlab and Xilinx software, as well as GNURadio. I have the Xilinx ZC706 development platform with several Analog Devices boards including the FMCOMMS3 and AD-FMCDAQ2, Vivado, and also the Analog Devices new ADALM-PLUTO SDR development module.

While most of my clients, decades ago, were large, sometimes multinational companies, often involved in military and aerospace products and applications, most of my clients the last 10 to 15 years have been smaller companies and inventors with a good ideas and/or great engineers, but no experience, software, of test equipment for RF, microwave, the Internet of things, high speed analog, wireless, and antenna design, development, troubleshooting, and prototyping. Often a client only needs a couple of days of my time to resolve a problem that they could not be reasonably expected to resolve on their own because of a lack of experience or proper test equipment or software.

While I am certainly available to work at a client's facility, and often do for short periods of time, I do most of my work out of my own facility. I am also available to train people either in person or over the Internet through Webex-like sessions. With a little training, a competent digital or computer engineer can often be made into a reasonably competent RF or microwave engineer. While true competence takes years of hands on experience and education, I can often impart enough knowledge to motivated engineers to allow them to deal with basic RF and microwave design, especially since the various manufacturers are making more an more components that are "almost" plug and play. But, as many of my eventual clients have found out the hard way, the rosy and seemingly simple impression given by many data sheets is often a bit of marketing hype and requires a bit more knowledge to take proper advantage of the technology, whether it is Zigbee, Bluetooth, key fobs, WiFi, cellular, or GPS. I am here to help your team get to market as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Call me before you get into design trouble. In the end, you'll save a lot of time and money.

To download a copy of my consulting resume, which also includes a detailed description of my capabilities and facilities, go here.

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